Thai Yoga:  Is an Ayurvedic modality of healing that incorporates range of motion through the joints as well as stimulation of sen lines or energy lines in the body. I first studied Thai yoga at the Kripalu center in Massachusetts in 2011, completing a 30hr course by world renowned teacher Jyoti Wattanabe of Lotus Palm. Throughout years of practice I continued to learn through various workshops  and also experiencing traditional healing of Thai yoga in 2015 when I visited Thailand for a month log excursion studying healing arts.

Professional Cuddling: Is the art of conscious, communicative non-sexual touch. Through years of practicing partner and Thai yoga combined with an interest in cultivating intimacy, I have found my way into being a "Professional cuddler." Over the years teaching private clients there have been instances where instead of doing yoga what people needed was just to be held. Human touch can be so scarce in our culture without being in a sexual relationship. As an advocate on the importance of human touch for healing it has been my honor to serve clients in this way. I hold sacred space in these sessions with the highest integrity. Testimonials coming soon.

Sliding scale pricing $40-70hr